Aerosol Instrumentation

TROPOS Digitel DPMDIGITEL High Volume Aerosol Sampler (DHA-80) to sample dust and aerosol particles for later assessment and analysis at TROPOS (Leipzig-Germany)
Loac RecorderLOAC (Light Optical Aerosol Counter), based on scattering measurements that allows for some typology identification of particles (droplets, carbonaceous, salts, and mineral dust) in addition to sizesegregated counting in a large diameter range from 0.2 μm up to possibly more than 100 μm.

Gas Instrumentation

Monitoring of NO, NO2 and O3 is achieved through deployment of specific analyzers.

Gas Instrumentation 02    Gas Instrumentation 01

Meteorological Instrumentation

Basic meteorological products include wind speed, direction, precipitation, visibility and UV radiation.Meteorological Instrumentation